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F40 Fogging Machine

Fogging machine

Technical Information

  • 0-17L/hour

  • 120m reach

  • Tank capacity 2 x 12L 

  • Automatic cleaning cycle

  • Weight 85kg

  • Single phase or three phase

The F40 low volume mister is designed to be a mobile machine for use in a large greenhouse or tunnel. The Wanjet F40 works completely unattended with the help of a microprocessor. Atomization can be set to start at any time up to 24 hours. 

Once the machine has been loaded with the solution and the starting time has been set, agitation starts to keep the solution in the tank homogeneous. Agitation continues throughout atomization.

When the preset starting time is reached, the generator fan starts building up air circulation in the space that is to be treated. This makes the treatment much more effective as paths of established currents of air are already occurring.

After pre-ventilation, atomization starts and continues until the tank is emptied of the solution. A sensor controls this together with the electronics.

When atomization is complete, the water in the wash tank is drained into the solution tank. The water is then atomized so that the tank, hoses and nozzle are cleaned.

In order to distribute the particles floating in the air even better, the generators last programme stage is final ventilation. When final ventilation is complete, all functions on the unit will stop. 

The design of the fan housing is the result of extensive work on aerodynamics. By means of the specially designed intake, air control and the conically designed front, a very powerful air stream with a long range can be achieved. For high reliability, all components in contact with chemicals are made of polythene and stainless steel. The chassis is galvanized to prevent rusting.

Spray Patterns
Fogging machine
F40 With No Circulation Fans
Fogging Machine
F40 With Four Circulation Fans
Fogging Machine
F40 With Eight Circulation Fans
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