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Boom Irrigation
Bale Opener
S55 Spray Robot and HP300
Bale Opener

Rotomation UK Ltd is a family run company, offering the latest labour saving horticultural equipment for commercial growers of ornamentals, vegetable plants and nursery stock in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Our range of horticultural machinery includes: transplanters, tray fillers, potting machines, pot and tray denesters, seeders, seeding lines, blocking lines, florestry equipment, bar code labellers, plug poppers and taggers. 

We also supply a range of boom irrigation, spray robots, sprayers and low-volume misters for chemical application along with compost handling equipment including compost mixers, bulk hoppers, bale opening machines and handling equipment such as conveyors and buffer tables.

With Rotomation horticultural machines in operation throughout the UK and Ireland, a working demonstration on a nursery is an ideal way for growers to see how automation can help reduce costs, increase output and result in a more uniform crop.

Rotomation are UK and Ireland sole distributors for some of the worlds leading manufacturers of horticultural equipment. We work closely with Urbinati, Demtec, Wanjet, Limex, KW Automation, Mecaflor and SPID to help develop the technology that growers are looking for. Product information sheets on any of our equipment are available on request. Your comments and enquiries are always welcome.

Potting Machine
Potting Machine
Florestry Machine
Low Volume Mister
Tray Filler
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