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Vertical Bale Opener

Vertical Bale Opener
Vertical Bale Opener
Vertical Bale Opener
Bale Opener
Bale Breaker

The Urbinati Vertical Bale Opener sets the standard when it comes to both the uniformity of the compost and the safety for the operators. The Vertical Bale Opener is safer then the traditional tipping bale breakers as it fully encloses the bale, making the user completely safe from any moving parts.

The machine works by lifting the complete bale up to the horizontal milling system at the top. A consistent flow of well-structured compost is dispatched to an awaiting pot or tray filler. The flow stops & starts automatically with adjustable sensors, which preset the loading and unloading levels. It can handle up to 5 x 3000l big bales per hour.

A unique feature of the vertical big bale opener is the ability to use a part bale. This is an advantage to growers using a variety of compost mixes. The part bale is quickly and easily removed to be replaced by another new or part used bale. 

The Vertical Bale Opener can be easily transported by means of a pallet truck. Growers will find the versatility and compactness of this machine a distinct advantage over other models on the market.

Technical data


  • Installed power 3KW 3F 230V/400V 50/60Hz

  • Weight 1220 Kg

  • CE Conformity


  • Reduction for europallet

  • Watering system

  • Fertilizer dispenser

  • Single phase version 230V 1F 3KW

  • Conveyor belt to supply two hoppers

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