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As with sticking labels to the side of pots or trays, putting tags into pots or trays is another labour intensive job. It is also an important part of presentation as uniform tags in pots and trays can be pleasing to the eye where as irregular ones can look messy and unappealing especially when the plants are young. The tagging machine that we provide solves both of these issues. It requires very little attention once running, only requiring refilling when the tags run out, so saving on labour costs required for doing the job. It also places the tags in the same place at the same angle every time, making the pots or trays much more appealing to look at for the customer.

Technical Information:

  • Up to 6000 Tags per hour

  • Adjustable for most types of tag

  • Height adjustable

  • Capable of tagging all types of pot or tray

  • Single phase 230v 50/60hz

  • Easily adjustable

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