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SPID Trays -

Strawberry Trays

SPID Trays are hard Plastic cell trays made of polypropylene PP, which have been UV stabilised to ensure durability over 15 years. These trays are particularly well adapted to production systems involving strawberry, raspberry and blueberry plants.

This type of tray offers multiple advantages:

  • The addition of legs allows the trays to be stacked and nestable, enabling easy growth and transportation.

  • Designed with smooth walls to allow for complete cleaning and disinfecting, uniform cell filling and perfect crop removal compared to the polystyrene trays.

  • Ensures uniform and more rapid growth both in the tray and at the transplant stage.

  • Excellent traceability guaranteed (engravings, colours, bar-codes).

  • Reusable and recyclable.

Strawberry Tray
9 Cells

Cell dimensions: 80mm Ø
Cell depth: 90mm
Cell volume: 250cm²
Density: 75 plants/m²

Strawberry Tray
 16 Cells

Cell dimensions: 58.43mm Ø
Cell depth: 76.98mm
Cell volume: 150cm²
Density: 133 plants/m²

Strawberry Tray
75 Cells

Cells dimensions: 41.5x41.5mm
Cell depth: 58mm
Cell volume: 61.5cm²
Density: 312 plants/m²

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