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S55 Spray Robot

Spray Robot

The S55 Spray Robot is a battery powered automatic spray robot for use wit pipe rail systems as used in tomato, pepper and cucumber production.  This spray robot provides complete coverage of the crop with low chemical exposure of up to 3500m² per hour. 

The S55 Spray Robot is easily operated and with its swivel wheels and low weight, easy to maneuver between rails. The S55 is only 30cm wide with flat sides which makes it very gentle on the plants as the risk of tangling/snagging is reduced.

The nozzles on the S55 Spray Robot can be angled for optimum coverage or closed when not required.

The S55 Spray Robot sprays down one side of the pipe rails on the way to the end of the green house, sweeps aroud once or twice at the end and then returns spraying the other side of the pipe rails. If the spray tank runs empty, the robot will stop. Once the tank has been refilled, the robot will sense this and automatically restart.

Technical Information

  • Reduced chemical exposure

  • Superior coverage

  • Very easy to move between paths

  • Fast treatment of large areas, up to 3500m² per hour

  • Speed 20-100m/min

  • Hose reels with linear guides for hoses up to 150m

  • Compact, low weight design

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Made from matereals highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

  • Easily operated

  • Battery powered

  • 2-2.5 hectares per charge

Spray Robot
Spray Robot
Spray Robot
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