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SMART Potting Machine

Potting Machine

The SMART is a compact mobile potting machine that is easily adjustable. The SMART potting machine has a high processing speed up to 4,500 pots/hour, easily adjustable pot dispenser and a powerful drilling device. The soil supply system is automatically dosed so the soil is not unnecessarily resupplied. The pot size can be changed in a few seconds. The machine is very popular with growers who pot in a propagation house and often move the machine around. The pot take-off is flexible and easily replaceable. The soil container with a 1m³ hopper can be supplemented with a mobile soil elevator.

Technical Information

  • Automatic potting machine for pots from 6cm to 23cm

  • Automatic soil recovery system

  • Easy adjusment between pot sizes

  • Variable speed

  • Capacity up to 4500 pots per hour

  • Pneumatic pot denester

  • Automatic drilling unit

  • Mounted on wheels

  • Agitator in hopper to prevent compost from 'bridging'

  • Hopper capacity 1m³

  • 16 pot holders on potting ring

  • Outfeed conveyor can be mounted on any angle

  • Weight 1000kg

  • Power three phase or single phase

Potting Machine
Potting Machine
Potting Machine
SMART Potting Machine - Dimensions
Potting Machine
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