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RW5 Transplanter

Automatic Transplanter

The revolutionary wireless transplanter from Urbinati is the first of a new generation of transplanters on the market with singularly motorized fingers without cables. It can plant from any plug tray into any destination tray, making it the most flexible transplanter on the market. The RW5 Transplanter works with individual trays, or small groups of trays either pushed together, or in outer trays and also pots in outer. This wireless transplanter plants one tray at a time before bringing in the next. Trayfillers can be easily linked into the line saving double handling or the need for a loading unit. This machine has a production capability of up to 10,000 plants per hour.

Technical Information

  • Programmable up to 12 fingers

  • Fingers singularly motorised with wireless technology

  • Control terminal with 5.7" colour touch screen

  • Programmable directly from the terminal

  • Self-diagnostics shown on display

  • Easily removable heads

  • Interchangable finger spacers for optimal plant handling

  • Transplanter with plug and destination conveyor belts.

  • Working width 1000mm

  • Installed power 2KW 400V 3F 50/60Hz

  • Air usage 80 l/min

  • Weight 630Kg

  • CE Conformity


  • Thermoformed tray block in the source

  • Exit conveyor belts

  • End rollers

  • Tray holding racks

  • Device to transplant into single pots

Automatic Transplanter
Automatic Transplanter
Automatic Transplanter
Automatic Transplanter
RW 5 Transplanter - Dimensions
Automatic Transplanter
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