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RT12 Tray Filler

The RT12 tray filler has been developed as the ideal machine to put into a transplanting line, although it can be used as a stand alone machine too. This tray filling machine has a different take on filling trays from most other machines as the substrate delivery system is electronically batched and controlled giving an incredibly even fill no matter how hard a fill you require.

Tray Filler

​Technical Information

  • 700L (optional 1050L) with agitator in the bottom

  • The elevator chain with bucket system to avoid damage to the structure of the compost

  • Density of fill adjusted on the control panel

  • Electronically batched soil filling system

  • Full soil recovery system

  • Cylindrical tray cleaning brush

  • Electric panel start/stop/emergency and limit switch

  • Installed power 4KW 3F 400V 50/60Hz

  • Weight 790kg

  • CE conformity

RT12 Tray Filler - Dimensions
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