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RP1 Tray Filler

The RP1 Tray Filler has been developed to provide a solution to cleanly and efficiently fill marketing trays and shuttle trays. With its custom made templates, this machine can also fill packs, pots and trays of virtually any variety. 

The machine is PLC controlled and programmed via a touch-screen, giving the operator control over speeds, fill densities etc and allowing a program to be saved for each type of tray. This means that once set up, the operator simply has to select the program for the tray in use and the machine will automatically adjust.


​Technical Information

  • 550L Hopper

  • Production up to 600 marketing/shuttle trays per hour

  • Max pot/tray height of 200mm

  • Density of fill adjusted on the control panel

  • Electronically batched soil filling system

  • Equal filling with no spillage

  • Electric panel start/stop/emergency and limit switch

  • Installed power 5KW 3F 400V 50/60Hz

  • CE conformity

RP1 Tray Filler - Dimensions
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