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RC65 Tray Filler

The RC65 tray filler is the ideal machine for filling polystyrene trays, plug trays or shuttle trays, its also capable of filling individual thermoformed trays. With a capacity of up to 600 trays per hour, this machine is ideal for inclusion in a transplanting line, seeding line or just as a stand alone tray filler.


​Technical Information

  • Adjustable speed conveyor belt 

  • The hopper has a capacity of 800 litres (optional 1100 litres) with a conveyor belt at the bottom

  • The elevator chain has buckets to avoid damage to the structure of the compost

  • Density of fill adjusted on the control panel

  • Cylindrical tray cleaning brush

  • Electric panel start/stop/emergency and limit switch

  • Adjustable production from 200 to 600 trays/hour

  • Installed power 3KW 3F 400V 50/60Hz

  • Weight 585kg

  • CE conformity

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