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PTF Tray Filler

The PTF Tray Filler efficiently fills pots in marketing trays. The machine provides uniform filling while eliminating soil spillage between pots. Template masks can be changed in seconds to allow for varying tray configurations. Soil supply and conveyor speeds are variable. This machine is best suited to either a manual transplanting line or an automatic transplanting line with a de-nester putting pots in trays preceding it.


​Technical Information

  • Suitable for all kinds of pots and carrier trays

  • Maximum tray width: 42 cm

  • Equal filling and no spillage between the pots

  • Capacity: 600 trays/hour

  • Can be used as a separate machine or built in line

  • Soil supply: 600 l.

  • Quickly adjustable

  • With changeable masks

  • Variable speed soil supply

  • Variable speed conveyor

  • PLC steered

PTF Tray Filler - Dimensions
PTF Tray Filler Dimensions
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