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High Capacity Marketing Tray Line

High capacity marketing tray line, consisting of a four station ND Denester, PTF-XXL and an RW32 Transplanter.

The requirement of this project was to create a high capacity line capable of denesting, filling and transplanting predominantly 10.5cm and 1L pots in marketing trays as well as other shuttle trays and packs. The line had to be capable of picking from a large range of plug trays including paper-pot style plugs, and also use 100% peat free growing medium. Major lines include Dahlias into 1L pots, and Cyclamen into 10.5cm.

For this line we decided that the PTF-XXL plate filler with its capacity of up to 1000 trays per hour was the perfect choice to base this line around. From here, we decided to supply the tray filler with a high speed ND Denester with four stations. For the planting side of the line, we decided that the RW32 Transplanter would be the best choice due to its high capacity and ease of adjustment between different plug and destination trays.

This high capacity line was installed with a view to reduce labour and increase speed of production, compared to previously using potting machines.

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