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3-Axis RW32 Transplanting Line

Twin transplanting lines including a super flexible 3-Axis RW32 Transplanting Line and an RW32 Transplanting Line with a PTF Tray Filler and a RT12 Tray Filler to provide massive flexibility. Compost supply system with Vertical Bale Opener feeding three tray filler hoppers.

The requirement of this project was to provide a high capacity transplanting solution with maximum flexibility.

With one of our RW32 Transplanting Lines already in place, our customer required extra capacity for the bedding season while also streamlining pot production. For this, the Urbinati 3-Axis RW32 Transplanter made for the perfect solution. This transplanter is capable of planting at up to 40,000 plants per hour whilst also providing the flexibility to plant from virtually any plug tray into virtually any pot, tray or pack on the market. We also installed the RT12 Tray Filler and the ND Denester with three denesting stations, one for each pack that the customer uses, into this line to provide an instant changeover solution when changing between packs.

The overhead compost supply to all three hoppers is automatically controlled, maintaining the ability to walk to all operating areas of both lines.

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