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NTA Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt

The NTA conveyor belts are ideal for transporting pots or trays around a nursery. Each conveyor can be linked to the previous one in line, or be mounted at right angles to turn a corner. These conveyors can be mounted on an incline if necessary to avoid obstacles or just to keep them out of the way.

Used correctly, conveyors can reduce labour costs by reducing the amount of staff hours needed to transport plants from where they are planted into the pots/trays to the greenhouse where they will be grown on, to the dispatch area where they will be loaded and dispatched to be sold on.

Technical Information:

  • PVC belt, with 2 highly resistant polyester nets, ring closed with Flexo joints and a central trapezium guide at the bottom.

  • Standard motor NTA190 0,18Kw or NTA310 230/400V 3PH 50/60Hz.

  • Standard speed 12 m/min, can be set at other speeds if required

  • Belts modules length up to 6 m.

  • Support legs adjustable in height 580 – 1000 mm.

  • Electrical cables and plugs included.


  • Speed variator

  • Electrical control panel with or without inverter

  • Remote control limit switch

  • Device for spacing the pots correctly to be taken off with a fork

  • Forks for loading or unloading the conveyor

  • Corner units, powered or non-powered

Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt
NTA Conveyor Belt -Dimensions
Conveyor Belt
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