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Omnifill Tray Filler

The Omnifill tray filler is the headline act in our range of tray fillers. With a capability of filling containers 45cm wide by 30cm deep, this tray filler is capable of filling virtually any tray, trough, pack or even pot on the market at speed with the perfect fill density set by the user. Perfect in a versatile transplanting line where lots of different types of containers are used or as a standalone machine, this has also proved ideal for a lot of Strawberry growers, filling huge volumes of troughs or pots. 

Tray Filler

​Technical Information

  • Variable speed conveyor.

  • Variable speed elevator for soil delivery.

  • The chain in the hopper delivers compost without damaging the structure of the substrate.

  • Cylindrical brush unit for final cleaning off the trays.

  • Paddle and roller system for pressing the substrate into the containers if a firmer fill is required.

  • Soil recovery system in the form of a closed auger feeding back into the hopper.

  • 0.8m³ Hopper as standard, but larger hoppers available.

  • Capable of being used in a production line or as a free standing machine.

  • Three phase 400V or Single phase 240V.

  • 1000KG

Omnifill Tray Filler - Dimensions
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