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MC Mixer

Compost Mixer

The MC Mixer comes in two sizes, 1150L and 2100L and is designed to mix a wide variety of materials such as compost, peat, soil, sand, bark, fertilizers and chemicals. It takes only minutes to combine components into a uniform mix with its large, high resistance spiral rotor, which also draws the mix towards the centre of the machine for discharge. Discharge is through the adjustable incline conveyor meaning that this mixer can be positioned over the hopper of a potting or tray filling machine or even  over potting benches. For the safety of the user, the access gate is linked into the controls of the machine via an interlock, meaning that if the gate is opened during the mixing process, it kills the power to all moving parts.

Technical Information:

  • Quick and efficient mixing of substrate

  • Robust construction with high quality materials to prevent rust and reduce wear

  • Sliding door with safety switch

  • Discharge manually or automatically using probes to detect when more of the mix is required.

  • Forklift slots for maneuvering the machine as standard

  • Option to have the machine on wheels for easy maneuverability

  • Option to have a built in electronic weighing system

Compost Mixer
Compost Mixer
Compost Mixer
Compost Mixer
Comost Mixer
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