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Manual Transplanting Conveyor Belt

We offer a range of manual transplanting conveyors designed to make life easier and quicker for the grower. They can be used in combination with any trayfiller and are available in different lengths, widths, heights, fixed/variable speeds, static or with wheels, all made to meet customer requirements. The conveyor can be supplied with a range of accessories, plug tray holding backboards, dibbling units, drilling units, watering units etc. And a limit switch can be placed towards the end of the conveyor to stop it when a tray reaches the end.

Manual Transplanting Conveyor Belt

Technical Information:

  • Compact and solid frame of sheet with special profile 480x100mm or 630x100mm

  • PVC belt, with 2 highly resistant polyester nets, ring closed with Flexo joints and a central trapezium guide at the bottom.

  • Dragging drum diam. 80mm hight grip, with central groove

  • Standard motor 0,3Kw 3PH or 230V o 400V 50/60Hz.

  • Speed according to requirements.

  • Height of working 900 mm with adjustable feet.

  • Lenght 2300, 3300, 4300, 5300 o 6300 mm.

  • Width 450 or 600 mm.

  • Can be fitted with numerous adjustable tray holders.

  • Can be fitted with a pneumatic dibbling unit.

  • Can be linked to any tray filler.

Manunal Transplanting conveyor
Manual Transplanting Conveyor
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