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LAV10 Tray Washer

Tray Washer

The LAV10 Tray Washer is a cost effective machine for cleaning and disinfecting plant trays. It is simple to operate and effective at helping to prevent disease through contaminated trays. The LAV10 tray washer is capable of washing up to 600 trays per hour.

Technical Information:

  • Washing, rinsing and disinfecting for all kinds of trays.

  • Frame in stainless steel AISI 304.

  • Hot galvanized steel base.

  • Top plexiglass door for nozzle inspection.

  • Water filter with extractable drawer.

  • Tray washing system with removable nozzles for an easier replacement.

  • Rinse with fix nozzles.

  • Stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump 3,7 Kw.

  • Water level control with float.

  • Overflow pipe.

Tray Washer
Tray Washer
Tray Washer
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