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L415 & L515 Trimming Machine

Trimming Machine

The L415 & L515 Trimming machines are some of the newest machines in the Rotomation range of horticultural machinery. These machines are ideal for reducing the time and labor involved with trimming plants down to size. These machines are the idea tool if plugs have been left too long and need cutting down before using on a transplanter.

​Technical Information:

  • Cutting system with rotating blade with motor 2,2 Kw.

  • Adjustable cutting height from 50 mm to 240 mm with indicator, adjustable with one single handle.

  • Max tray width
    L415 = 415 mm
    L515 = 515 mm

  • Adjustable production up to 1200 trays/hour.

  • Advancement belt lenght 3300 mm with adjustable electronic speed.

  • Wheels diameter 200 mm.

  • Crate for exceeding material, capacity 90 l.

  • Limit switch start/stop.

  • Every single part of the machine is easy to inspect and clean

  • Installed power 2,7 KW – 400/230 V – 3 PH – 50/60 Hz.

  • Weight 270 Kg.

Trimming Machine
Trimming Machine
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