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KV98 Tray Filler

The KV49 tray filler is a very fast, robust, flexible filler. It's capable of filling trays up to 42cm wide and 23cm deep. Trays are filled using a rotor compression mechanism, meaning that the density of the fill can be controlled from the control panel. The capacity of the soil supply means that trays with small cells requiring low volumes of compost, all the way up to the larger volume trays, strawberry troughs etc can be filled at speed on this machine. A complete soil recovery system with powered rollers means that there is no spillage or wastage of compost. This tray filler is ideal not only for in a transplanting line filling packs, but also as a standalone machine filling troughs or pots.


​Technical Information

  • Variable speed conveyor.

  • Variable speed elevator for soil delivery.

  • The chain in the hopper delivers compost without damaging the structure of the substrate.

  • Cylindrical brush unit for final cleaning off the trays.

  • Soil recovery system in the form of a closed auger feeding back into the hopper.

  • Capable of being used in a production line or as a free standing machine.

  • Three phase 400V or Single phase 240V.

  • 1000KG

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