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KV49 Tray Filler

The KV49 tray filler is a very fast, robust, flexible filler. It's capable of filling trays up to 42cm wide and 21cm deep. Trays are filled using a rotor compression mechanism, meaning that the density of the fill can be controlled from the control panel. The wide double chain elevator system is capable of providing a massive quantity of compost so even the largest trays can be filled quickly. This tray filler is ideal as ideally suited for use in a transplanting line filling packs or as a stand alone machine filling trays, pots or troughs.

Tray Filler

​Technical Information

  • Variable speed conveyor.

  • Variable speed elevator for soil delivery.

  • The chain in the hopper delivers compost without damaging the structure of the substrate.

  • Cylindrical brush unit for final cleaning off the trays.

  • Soil recovery system feeding back into the hopper.

  • Capable of being used in a production line or as a free standing machine.

  • Three phase 400V or Single phase 240V.

  • 800KG

Tray Filler
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