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Kappa Seeding Machine

The Kappa Seeding Machine is a very versatile seeder, that has proven popular with small to medium sized growers requiring a one person seeding operation. The seeder is capable of sowing any seed, naked or pelleted into any tray, making it one of the most versatile seeding machines on the market.

Seeding Machine

Technical Information

  • Up to 2400 rows of seed per hour.

  • Automatic dibbler.

  • Seeder and dibbler are mounted on a conveyor belt, making it possible for this Kappa Seeding Machine to be added into a seeding line at a later date.

  • Intergrated electrical panel.

  • Capable of storing up to 99 seeding programs.

  • Multi seed option of 2 to 99 seed per cell.

  • Vacuum with Venturi system.

  • Pneumatic seed vibrator system to aid seed pick-up.

  • Weight - 170kg

  • Air consumption 100L/min max

  • Available in single or three phase.

Kappa Seeding Machine - Dimensions
Seeding Machine
Seeding Machine
Kappa Seeding Machine - Accessories

The Kappa Seeding Machine can be supplied with tray fillers, in-feed and or out-feed conveyor belts, covering units (compost or vermiculite), watering unit and or a stacking unit should any of these be required. The Kappa Seeding Machine is mounted on a conveyor belt, as production increases or as funding allows, the seeding machine can be built into a seeding line to make the process of filling trays, sowing seeds, covering the seeds and watering the seeds in much more cost effective.

Seeding Machine
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