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IM1800 Potting Machine

Potting Machine

The IM1800 is a machine designed to fill larger pots, with no adjustments to be made when changing pot size. The machine benefits from a soil recovery system for the excess compost, above which is a vibrating table. This vibration allows excellent filling without creating air pockets for large rooted plants. The compost supply is stopped and started using a push button mounted at knee height, so the users have both hands free, whilst maintaining control over the supply.

Technical Information

  • Maximum height of pots - 300mm

  • Hopper Capacity - 1100L

  • Vibrator to compact substrate and to remove air pockets.

  • Push button operated with the knee to enable users to have both hands free.

  • Single or double chute available

  • Soil recovery system

  • High capacity elevator chains

  • Mobile machine

  • Weight 360kg

  • 1.5KW 3phase 400V 50/60Hz


  • Single Phase

  • 1600L hopper

  • Extended chute for big pots

Potting Machine
Potting Machine
IM1800 Potting Machine - Dimensions
Potting Machine
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