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IA3500 Potting Machine

IA3500 Potting Machine

The IA3500 potting machine is the the first in a new generation of potting machines. This machine gives the user the ability to pre-program the settings for each specific pot size. This means much shorter setup times and a much more uniform fill as there will be no difference in fill between batches. With a capability of up to 4500 pots per hour and capable of filling anything from 8cm - 25cm pots. 

Technical Information:

  • Upto 4500 pots per hour

  • Round pots 8-25cm

  • PLC controlled

  • Power 5kW

  • Quick and easy to change over between pot sizes


  • Fertilizer dispenser

  • 3.5m-6m out-feed belt

  • In-feed conveyor for pot denester

  • Various drill sizes

  • Plate sower

  • Rotating Table

Plate Sower for Potting Machine
Potting Machine Rotating Table
Fertilizer Dispenser for Potting Machine
IA3500 Potting Machine
IA3500 Potting Machine Dimensions
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