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IA2400 Potting Machine

Potting Machine

The IA2400 potting machine is the smallest potting machine that we supply, capable of filling and dispensing any pots between 8cm and 25cm. It has a large hopper meaning a constant supply of compost is not strictly necessary. 

The machine comes with a denester installed on the potting ring meaning that the machine can be operated by one person. Although they would have to be fast at planting to keep up with the 2400 pots per hour that the machine is capable of.

This machine has proved to be a great success in Southern-Europe. This has meant that large scale production techniques are used meaning the machine can be offered at an incredibly competitive price.

Technical Information
  • Automatic potting machine with fixed exit belt, for round or square pots from 8 to 25 cm.

  • Centralized adjustment.

  • Wheels for transport.

  • Hopper capacity 800 l.

  • Production adjustable up to 2400 pots/hour.

  • Electropneumatic pot denester with square pot device.

  • Drilling unit.

  • Pot take off arm.

  • Transplanting belt 2600 mm with trayholder.

  • Power installed 1,5 KW 3 PH 400 V 50/60 Hz.

  • Air consumption 135 l/min.

  • Height of working 930 mm.

  • Weight 438 Kg.

Potting Machine
Potting Machine
IA2400 Potting Machine - Dimensions
Potting Machine
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