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GTP Blocking Line

The GTP Blocking Line is a fully automatic setup for large soil block production. As standard it comes with a pneumatic drum seeder and a soil recovery system. The die for making the blocks is made to the customers specification and can be swapped with others if more than one size of soil block is produced. The blocks are produced to a very high standard and can be processed with all semi and fully automatic planting machines. The GTP Blocking Line is operated via an easy to use touch screen.

The GTP Blocking Line guarantees a homogenous supply of moistened soil via the soil mixer and impregnating buffer. Generally the GTP Blocking Machines are put in line with an automatic crate supply and a stacking unit to create a fully automatic machine although these items can be added at a later date if required. The GTP Blocking Line is built bespoke to the customers needs and to fit the space available. 

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