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SPID Trays -

Euro Format (600x400)

SPID Trays are hard Plastic cell trays made of polypropylene PP, which have been UV stabilized to ensure durability over 15 years. The Euro Size (60x40cm) is particularly adaptable to production systems in vegetable plants in terms of mechanization (seedling, transplanting into fields) and logistics (Euro pallet).

This type of tray offers multiple advantages:

  • Easily adapted to all automatic filling and transplanting systems (Euro Size).

  • Designed with smooth walls to allow for complete cleaning and disinfecting, uniform cell filling and perfect crop removal compared to the polystyrene trays.

  • Ensures uniform and more rapid growth in young plant propagation and at the transplant stage.

  • Excellent trace-ability guaranteed (engravings, colours, bar-codes).

  • Reusable and recyclable.

Propagation Tray
40 Cells

Cell dimensions: 67x67mm
Cell depth: 65mm
Cell volume: 200cm²
Density: 166 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
150 Cells

Cell dimensions: 31x31mm
Cell depth: 50mm
Cell volume: 33cm²
Density: 624 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
240 Deep Cells

Cell dimensions: 25x25mm
Cell depth: 48.5mm
Cell volume: 19cm²
Density: 998 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
60 Cells

Cell dimensions: 54x52.5mm
Cell depth: 65mm
Cell volume: 113cm²
Density: 250 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
216 Cells

Cell dimensions: 28.62x28.62mm
Cell depth: 43.8mm
Cell volume: 26cm²
Density: 900 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
285 Cells

Cell dimensions: 25x23mm
Cell depth: 55mm
Cell volume: 22cm²
Density: 1185 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
96 Cells

Cell dimensions: 41x41mm
Cell depth: 65mm
Cell volume: 52cm²
Density: 399 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
240 Low Cells

Cell dimensions: 24mm Ø
Cell depth: 36mm
Cell volume: 12.5cm²
Density: 998 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
300 Cells

Cell dimensions: 22.8x24.5mm
Cell depth: 48.6mm
Cell volume: 19cm²
Density: 1250 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
384 Cells

Cell dimensions: 23.5x23.5mm
Cell depth: 43.8mm
Cell volume: 17cm²
Density: 1600 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
504 Cells

Cell dimensions: 19.5x19mm
Cell depth: 486mm
Cell volume: 13cm²
Density: 2096 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
600 Cells

Cell dimensions: 16mm Ø
Cell depth: 30mm
Cell volume: 4.6cm²
Density: 2496 plants/m²

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