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ETC Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Technical Information:

  • Production up to 2000 labels per hour

  • 203 dpi printer

  • Pneumatic label applicator

  • Touch screen display for creating labels

  • Can be linked to a computer database of labels

  • Rewind facility to print a batch of labels to be used later

  • Air consumption 90L/min max

  • Power - single phase 230V 50/60Hz

  • Adjustable working height

  • Can be mounted to the side of a ND Denester

  • Sensor to detect tray/pot to be labelled

Labelling pots or trays can be an incredibly time consuming and therefore expensive process if being done by hand. The ETC Labelling machine is a fast, accurate machine designed to reduce the labor required in sticking labels to pots and trays. With its 203DPI printer capable of producing up to 2000 labels per hour, this machine is not only fast, but produces a high print quality. It is ideally situated next to a de-nesting unit where it can stick the labels to the side of the pots or trays using its pneumatic applicator as they are being de-stacked.

Labelling Machine
Labelling Machine
Labelling Machine
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