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DTC10 De-nester

As with all horticultural machinery, the aim of the DTC10 De-nester is to save growers and nurseries time and reduce labor costs. This machine frees up a member of staff from having to stand at the end of the tray filler putting trays on the belt, so that they can be used for something more productive. The DTC10 De-nester is a highly accurate and reliable machine designed to separate virtually any thermoformed trays from a stack. 


Probably the most accurate de-nester available to date, it has been designed to cater for a number of different manufacturer's tray types. The precision timing of the machine ensures constantly accurate and repeatable performance. The machine is simple to adjust and its innovative and strong design will promise excellent service for many years. Trays are automatically dispensed onto a chute, which allows the trays to flow onto the conveyor below without interruptions.

The de-nester automatically speeds up and slows down according to the speed of the tray filler. It will increase speed, decrease speed or wait as required and simply plugs into a single phase supply. The standard machine can dispense trays either short side or long side leading.

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