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DBB - Bale Opener

Compressed bales of compost have become the norm across may growers around the world. Their ease of transport and higher volume then bulk bags mean that they are one of the lowest cost ways to receive compost. Growers therefore need a fast, reliable and consistent way of opening these compressed bales. The DBB bale breaker supplied by Rotomation UK, provides an excellent solution for this. Loading is easy with either a forklift or pallet truck and the machine does the rest. It's chain and flight system shave the back of the bale, the milling shafts break up any lumps and the sensor or probes tell the machine when the hopper it's filling needs more compost.

Technical Information

  • Automatic start/stop via photo sensor or probes

  • Chain and flight system to shave the back of the bale

  • Milling shafts on the exit of the machine to ensure a consistent output

  • The machine is moveable by forklift or can be mounted on wheels

  • Can be supplied as either a 3-phase or single phase machine

  • Weight 1800kg

DBB - Bale Opener
DBB - Bale Opener
DBB - Bale Opener
DBB - Bale Opener
Bale Breaker
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