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SPID Trays -

Danish Format (540x300)

SPID Trays are hard Plastic cell trays made of polypropylene PP, which have been UV stabilized to ensure durability over 15 years. The Danish Size (540x300mm) is particularly adaptable to production systems involving flower plants in terms of mechanization (seedling, pot transplanting ) and logistics.

This type of tray offers multiple advantages:

  • The addition of legs allows the trays to be stacked, enabling easy growth and transportation.

  • Easily adapted to all automatic filling and transplanting systems (Danish Size).

  • Designed with smooth walls to allow for complete cleaning and disinfecting, uniform cell filling and perfect crop removal compared to the polystyrene trays.

  • Ensures uniform and more rapid growth in young plant propagation and at the pot transplant stage…

  • Excellent traceability guaranteed (engravings, colours, bar-codes...).

  • Reusable and recyclable.

Propagation Tray
Propagation Tray
Propagation Tray
Pot Carriers

Pots carrier (diam 90/110mm)
Cell depth: 125mm max
Cell volume: Pot
Density: 50 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
128 Cells

Cell dimensions: 31.9x31.9mm
Cell depth: 40mm
Cell volume: 30.8cm²
Density: 790 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
360 Cells

Cell dimensions: 18x17mm
Cell depth: 26mm
Cell volume: 5cm²
Density: 2217 plants/m²

32 Cells

Cell dimensions: 60x60mm
Cell depth: 60mm
Cell volume: 216cm²
Density: 198 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
264 Cells

Cell dimensions: 20.5x20.5mm
Cell depth: 22.9mm
Cell volume: 6.1cm²
Density: 1629 plants/m²

84 Cells

Cell dimensions: 37x37mm
Cell depth: 40mm
Cell volume: 39.5cm²
Density: 518 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
288 Cells

Cells dimensions: 18mm Ø
Cell depth: 29mm
Cell volume: 7.4cm²
Density: 1796 plants/m²

Propagation Tray
480 Cells

Cell dimensions: 15.9x15.9mm
Cell depth: 22.9mm
Cell volume: 3.6cm²
Density: 2963 plants/m²

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