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A35 Automatic Seeder

Automatic Seeding Machine

Seeding can be an incredibly time consuming job on a nursery, especially when using particularly small seed or doing large volumes. The A35 Automatic Seeder is the next model up from the H35 Hand seeder and greatly reduces the labour costs involved, by significantly reducing the amount of time spent sowing seeds.

The A35 Automatic Seeder is a simple, easy to use and effective automatic seeding machine. It has a bar with interchangeable needles attached at the spaces required to sow one row of seed into a plug tray at a time. This seeding bar moves automatically forwards and backwards from the seed pick up tray to the plug tray, automatically turning the vacuum on and off and automatically indexing the tray forward so that the next row can be sown.

Technical Information:

  • Compatible with any standard plug tray.

  • Max cell size 70mm.

  • Automatic indexing of the tray.

  • Easy to change over onto a different plug tray set up.

  • Can sow any type of seed.

  • Double, triple and quadruple nozzles available for multi-sowing.

  • Seed collection jar with vacuum pipe for removing unused seed from seed tray.

  • No power required just a compressor with a minimum of 80psi pressure and 15 CFM. 

Automatic Seeding machine
A35 Automatic Seeder Dimensions
Automatic Seeding machine
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