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R4 Automatic Hose Reel

WanJet R4 Automatic Hose Reel

The Wanjet R4 Automatic Hose Reel is a remote controlled motor driven hose reel specially developed for use in greenhouses. Its stainless steel and aluminium construction give it high corrosion resistance for use in harsh environments.

The hose is pulled out easily from the hose reel and then the rewind option can be triggered from the spray gun. The speed can be set between 30-60m/min.

If something prevents the hose from being rewound, the hose reel will automatically stop. When the hose reel rewinds back to the final 3m of hose, the motor will slow down and stop automatically when the hose has been fully rewound.

The R4 Automatic Hose Reel can handle up to 120m of 3/8" hose or up to 85m of 1/2" hose.

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