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Alfa Seeding Line

The Alfa Drum Seeding Line is a high speed line, capable of producing up to 1200 sown trays per hour. This seeding line is fully automated, equipped as standard with de-nester, tray filler, drum seeder, covering unit, watering bars and a stacking unit. Below is an image of the standard line. Components can be added or removed as necessary for the customer.

Drum Seeding Line

Technical Information:

  • The Alfa drum seeding line can reach a production up to 1200 trays/hour.

  • The trays advance one next the other on the tray filler belt, ensuring the maximum filling uniformity in every cell, also in those along the edge of the tray.

  • The filling can be adjusted with one single handle and enables a variable filling with soft, medium or high density.

  • The brushing group perfectly cleans the trays from the excess soil, which is completely recycled without any wastage.

  • The driven dibbler ensures a centered position in the cell and a perfectly regular shape of the hole.

  • The engineering solutions of the seeding group produce a perfect singularisation with both small and big seeds. A second seeding drum can be added for multiseeding or chemical grains dispensing.

  • Changing the seeds or the trays is quick and easy thanks to the stored programs on the touch screen display and the no tools adjustments for changing trays, seed drums and dibble drums.

  • The drum coverer for vermiculite or other grains performs a great uniformity and enables to choose the working width and the quantity of product distributed, to reduce any wastage.

  • Each component of the machine is designed to improve the work of operators, thanks to fast adjustments, low noise, high quality and strong building to reduce maintenance.

  • Max tray dimensions on the standard machine are 600x400mm but if required the machine can be built to accommodate trays up to 750x500mm.

  • Air usage up to 200L/min max

  • Water usage up to 25L/min max

  • Power 9.5Kw 230V/400V 3 phase 50/60Hz

Alfa Drum Seeding Line - Dimensions
Seeding Line
  1. Pneumatic denester with 2 movements for expanded polystyrene trays.

  2. Soil hopper capacity 1200 l with agitator.

  3. Soil elevator with a double chain.

  4. Trayfiller with linear rotor with 4 blades.

  5. Tray cleaning brush and double auger.

  6. System for recycling the exceeding soil.

  7. Driven dibbler with cleaning brush.

  8. Driven seeding drum diameter 169 mm with inserts, to make holes of minimum diameter 0,15 mm and a perfect cleaning. Air bars with double row of nozzles and oscillating seed holding plate. Hammers with adjustable speed to improve the seed positioning in the center of the hole.

  9. Electric panel and touch screen

  10. Drum coverer for vermiculite, with dosage and speed adjusting, hopper capacity 230 l.

  11. Water unit with 4 watering drilled bars.

  12. Automatic balance stacker.

  13. Fast and self-centering system for width adjustment of the trays with handles.

Seeding Line - Options/Accessories:
Seeding Line

In-feed belt and de-stacker for stacks of trays

Drum Seeder

Special drum with raised nozzles for awkward seed such as Marigold seed.

Seeding Machine

Halogen lamp to warm the drum, which aids seed pick up.

Seeding Machine

Stacking unit with outfeed belt/rollers.

Seeding Line

Soil or sand covering unit.

Drum Seeder

Air bars with labyrinths suitable for big seed.

Seeding machine

Extra watering bars before covering unit.

Drum seeder

1 Automatic soil feeding covering unit, 2 soil recovery system and 3 double drum system

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