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F30 Fogging Machine

Wanjet F30

The Wanjet F30 is a state of the art computer controlled low volume misting machine. 
The machine is capable of treating an area up to 60 m by 40 m. It is simply wheeled into the house or tunnel to be treated and switched on. The area that can be treated can be increased using circulation fans.

It will automatically operate at the required time. Exposure to chemicals is reduced to a minimum, as pre-setting will enable overnight application.

It can apply wettable powders - fungicides and insecticides.

This machine has many advanced features such as self-clean, as when the tank is empty it is automatically cleaned using the water reservoir. It also has pre-application ventilation, post-application ventilation, power cut failsafe, completion cleaning etc. 

The standard machine is portable and comes complete with wheels. 
It is height adjustable and can also be pointed in a specific direction.
The mist nozzle is adjustable and variable nozzle sizes allow precision dosing.

Spray Patterns
Wanjet F30

One Circulation Fan

Wanjet F30

Two Circulation Fans

Wanjet F30

Four Circulation Fans

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