Trailer Loading Unit

Towards the end of 2018 and early 2019 we undertook a project to fully automate the transplanting process, from the supply of compost through to placing the packs on the floor in the green house. With Brexit looming and the availability of good staff looking at risk, the customer wanted to future proof his business by ensuring that the transplanting process could be done as efficiently as possible. Together with the customer and our suppliers at Urbinati we set to work designing a line of equipment that would completely eliminate the manual handling side of transplanting. 

The transplanting side of the line is our bread and

butter, we have hundreds of lines up and down 

the country, including two lines already at this

customers other site. The line consists of an RW32

Transplanter with 24 heads, an RT12 tray filler, an

ND detester and the compost supply system,

featuring two Vertical Bale Openers and several


Once the packs have been planted, they move

onto the bespoke trailer loading system. This

loads up to 4000 packs per hour onto 4.5m x 2m

trailers and also waters them so that they don't

dry out before their first watering once on the


Finally, there is the placing fork mounted on the 

customers forklift. This picks a full trailer of packs 

at once and places them on the ground.

The whole line including laying down the packs

is run using 3-4 people reducing the amount of staff required for these processes massively.

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