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Soil Digger MX

Soil Supply

The Demtec Soil Digger MX ensures a fully automatic compost supply to one or more machines by digging loose soil out of the soil bunker. The Soil Digger MX fully empties the bunker onto a conveyor which transports the compost to where it is needed. The main advantage of this system are that rather the potential savings in labour. Rather then having to spend time with a forklift unloading a lorry and then putting the compressed bales into a bale opening machine, the delivery driver will tip the compost into the bunker and then the soil digger MX will do the rest. This machine is capable of working in two bunkers next to each other with the compost auger swinging round so that it can load the conveyor from either side. The Demtec Soil Digger MX is available in widths from 3.5m to 4m.

Soil supply
Soil Supply
Compost supply
Soil Supply
Compost Supply
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