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Lambda Drum Seeder

Drum Seeder

Technical Information

  • Drum seeder capable of sowing up to 650 trays per hour

  • The seeder can be built with up to three sowing drums enabling different types of seed to be sown in the same cell or dummy pills to be sown.

  • Option to sow multiple seeds per cell

  • Touch screen operation with up to 99 programs storable.

  • Vibration on seed holding dish to aid seed pick up on the drum

  • Air bars to remove excess seed from the drum

  • The Lambda drum seeder is mounted on a belt meaning that it can easily be fed by a tray filler and have watering and covering units added on if required.

The Lambda Drum Seeder is a versatile drum seeder in the Rotomation UK range of seeders. This drum seeder is ideal for nurseries looking to sow higher volumes then what can be achieved on the row seeders. With the Lambda drum seeder, up to 650 trays per hour can be sown. The machine is ideal for if the customer feels that in the future they may want to build this machine into a line as tray fillers, covering units, watering units, stackers and de-stackers can be added to the machine as it can be used as a lone machine or in a line. The touch screen control unit makes this machine quick and easy to change over.

Drum Seeder
drum seeding line
Lambda Drum Seeder - Dimensions
Drum Seeder
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